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Sync with Dropbox

In this article, we explain all possible actions when you choose to sync your notes with Dropbox.

If you'd like to know what each of the sync icons means, visit our dedicated article.

Enabling/disabling sync

Once you have signed in with your MyScript and Dropbox accounts, sync becomes available to you. In the Settings of Nebo, make sure the toggle Sync is on. If you wish to use your cellular data to sync your notes, switch on both the Sync and the Sync over cellular toggles. On the contrary, to disable sync, switch off the Sync toggle.

Disconnecting Dropbox

Open the Settings menu and choose Disconnect Dropbox.

Syncing notes

To sync all your notes at once, go to Notebooks in the side panel and tap  or Sync in the top right. If you want to sync your notes notebook by notebook, go to Notebooks in the side panel and tap next to the notebook you want to sync. The   or Sync buttons show when there's new material to synchronize. When you're up to date, nothing appears.

Videos available here.

Renaming a page, notebook, or collection

All these kinds of items can be renamed or moved in Nebo. Such changes are immediately updated in the cloud. If you have several devices, the change will be done at next sync.

Deleting a page, notebook, or collection

When sync is on, if you delete a notebook or a collection locally, it will be immediately deleted in the cloud. If you're syncing your notes across several devices, the deletion on your other devices will occur the next time you hit sync in Nebo, on those devices.

If you didn't mean to delete an item and want to have it back, you have several options.

  •  Option 1: You have two devices that are synced. One still has the notebook, the other doesn't. 

 On the device where there's still your notebook, refresh your Notebooks section by swiping down on your side panel. You'll see a line under your notebook name that reads "Will be deleted at next sync". To prevent this action from happening, open the notebook and add some content in it, like a word, an image, anything. If it was a page that you deleted, add content on this one page. When this is done, your notebook is considered restored, but you need to tap sync on this device and then on the device you want to have it back, to also restore it over there.

  • Option 2: You want to restore your notes from Dropbox.

Dropbox lets you restore deleted files or previous versions of your notebooks directly in the cloud. Once you've restored a notebook in Dropbox, go back to Nebo and wait to see the  icon next to the greyed notebook title before tapping it. When your notebook is back, add a page to it so as to avoid a cloud conflict, and you're good to go.

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