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Welcome to the Nebo insider program

We're launching the Insider program to give you an inside look at the innovative new features we've been crafting for you.
We'd love to offer you early previews of these features while we are refining them. 

Q) What is the Insider program?

MyScript teams are stepping up their innovation efforts to expand productivity in note-taking and interactive document creation. We've always been focused on providing the best user experience in Nebo while developing new features. To let you discover these new features in advance, we have created the Insider program.

Q) Is the Insider program available on all platforms? 

The Insider program is only available on iOS for the moment. Once features pass the beta stage, they will be rolled out across all supported platforms.

Q)How do I join the Insider program?  

To join the Insider program, sign in to your MyScript account in Nebo and go to "Settings > Insider program".

To become a Tester, either enable a beta feature or the "Help improve Nebo" option in the settings. To become an Insider, enable both.

Please note that you may have already enabled "Help improve Nebo" in your MyScript account.

Q) What kind of features are available in the Insider program? 

We'll let you test beta features in different stages of development and before they are officially released. 

Q) Do I need to create an account to get access?

Yes, being signed in to a MyScript account is mandatory.

Q) Is it an in-app purchase? 

No, the Insider program is totally free.

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