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Nebo 3.0 and above for iOS

Note: This article only applies to users of Nebo on Apple devices.

Nebo is available as a free download, with additional features available to purchase from the Nebo Store in the form of Productivity Packs.

The free version offers:

  • All default features, including documents and notes, interactive ink gestures, and write-to-text conversion.
  • One notebook with unlimited pages.
  • Export of notes to plain text or PNG.

Unlocking more features

From Nebo 3.0 onward, you can personalize your experience by unlocking optional Productivity Packs via the Nebo Store. Each pack contains a suite of extra features, as outlined below.

When you first install and open Nebo on your device, you’ll be asked if you want to upgrade the app. You’ll also be allowed to unlock all extra features instantly by purchasing the Full Pack. This gives you access to the complete Nebo experience at a discounted rate.

If you choose not to upgrade Nebo at this point, you can still purchase one or more Productivity Packs at a later time simply by accessing the Nebo Store. To do so, access Nebo’s Settings menu and select any menu item accompanied by the Nebo Store icon:

Existing Nebo Pro users

As of Nebo 3.0, we’ve retired Nebo Pro for new users. Existing Pro users will retain access to all the features of Nebo they’ve previously enjoyed.

Two of the current Productivity Packs, the Essentials Pack and the Connect Pack, are automatically unlocked for existing Nebo Pro users. The PDF Pack is available at an exclusive discount.

Packs required for Nebo Viewer for iPhone and Mac M1

If you have downloaded Nebo Viewer on your iPhone or Nebo for Mac M1, you will need to purchase the Connect Pack to sync between your iOS devices. If you purchase the full pack, the Connect Pack is included so no further purchases are necessary.

The Productivity Packs

Essentials Pack

  • Create unlimited notebooks and collections.
  • Search your library, including handwriting.
  • Save custom words to your personal dictionary to improve recognition. 

Connect Pack

  • Sync your library with a cloud storage service: iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • Create a link for your notes for easy sharing via the web that gives you complete access control.
  • Export notes in Text, Word (.docx), PDF, or Nebo (.nebo) formats.
  • Required if you want to use Nebo Viewer for iPhone unless you have purchased the Full Pack.

PDF Pack

  • Import PDFs into Nebo.
  • Annotate imported PDFs freely with your pen and the PDF highlighter.
  • Export annotated documents to PDF.
  • Import .docx (Word) and .pptx (PowerPoint) files as PDFs.

Full Pack

  • Combines all the premium features included in the other Productivity Packs.
  • Required if you want to use Nebo Viewer for iPhone unless you have purchased the Connect Pack.

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