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Importing and navigating PDFs

A note for users of Nebo on iPad:

  • If you’re using the free version of Nebo, importing a file as a PDF will count as a single page, regardless of the number of pages within the PDF.

You can import a PDF into Nebo from two start points: Nebo itself or another app or tool.

Imported PDFs retain their original format (for example, A4, A5, or US letter) and orientation (portrait or landscape). Nebo also supports the import of mixed-format, mixed-orientation PDFs. 

PDFs are imported with all their pages and are automatically named the same as the source file. You can edit an imported PDF’s name within Nebo in the same way you would edit the name of a document or note.

Importing PDFs

To import a PDF into Nebo from within the app:

  1. Access the sidebar menu and select the notebook where you want to import the PDF.
  2. Select Add… or the + icon in the upper right-hand corner. A menu displays, showing a range of options.
  3. Select Import as PDF… Your device’s file explorer window displays.
  4. Browse the file explorer and select the PDF you want to import. The imported PDF displays within Nebo, ready for annotation.

To copy a PDF to Nebo from another app or tool:

  1. Locate the PDF you want to copy within the relevant third-party app or tool – for example, an email client, Slack, or AirDrop.
  2. Touch and hold the PDF thumbnail. A context menu displays.
  3. Select Share. A pop-up displays, showing a selection of apps to which you can copy the PDF. If Nebo is among them, you can skip to step 8 below. 
  4. If Nebo isn’t visible among the apps, scroll right, and select More. Another pop-up displays, showing a list of all apps on your device to which you can copy the PDF. You can now add Nebo to your Favorites list. This will ensure it features among the apps displayed in the first pop-up in the future. 
  5. Tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up. Green + icons display alongside the listed apps.
  6. Tap the green + icon beside Nebo. Nebo will be added to your Favorites list and will feature among the apps displayed in the first pop-up in the future. You can use the reorder button beside the Nebo icon to adjust its position among your Favorites.
  7. When you’re happy with Nebo’s position, tap Done to close the edit options, then tap Done again to return to the first pop-up.
  8. Tap the Nebo icon to copy the PDF to Nebo. Nebo will open, displaying the Import PDF pop-up.
  9. Select the notebook where you would like to copy the PDF. If you don’t see the notebook you want, you can search for it using the pop-up’s search bar. Note: You can’t create a new notebook via the Import PDF pop-up. If you want to copy a PDF into a new notebook, you must create the notebook in Nebo before copying the PDF.
  10. Select Import. The PDF displays as a new note within Nebo, ready for annotation.

Navigating and viewing an imported PDF

When viewing imported PDFs, use a pinch gesture to control the zoom level.

There are four ways to navigate between the pages of imported PDFs:

  • Touch and drag anywhere on the page to scroll up or down.
  • Touch and drag on the right-hand side of the page to scroll using the scrollbar.
  • Tap the page-number field in the upper-left corner of the PDF, use the keyboard to enter the number of a specific page, then tap Enter on the keyboard to navigate straight to the selected page. 
  • Use the search bar to look for a specific word or phrase within the document. The number of hits will be displayed below the search bar, and the corresponding text will be highlighted within the document. You can use the up and down arrows below the search bar to navigate directly to the highlighted text.

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