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Nebo Viewer FAQ page

Nebo Viewer FAQ

Nebo Viewer is a handy free companion app that gives read-only access to your Nebo library on your iPhone.  If you’re considering downloading the iPhone Viewer, these tips and answers to questions will help you better navigate the app.

Best practice

  • We know your notes are valuable, so we recommend that you regularly sync your notes on your main device with your cloud storage service provider to ensure that your notes in the viewer are up-to-date. We do not keep copies of your notes on our servers.
  • To ensure the best possible performance from your device and Nebo, divide your notes into manageable pages. You can always add additional pages or create a new notebook to prevent a single page from getting too long.
  • If you want to make changes to the order of notebooks and collections, such as adding or deleting them, you will need to do so from the Nebo app on your primary device, this cannot be done in the Viewer.

The basics

Do I need to pay for Nebo Viewer for iPhone? 

No, Nebo Viewer for iPhone is free. To sync with the viewer you will need to purchase either the Full Pack or Connect Pack from the Nebo Store on your iPad in order to use the iPhone viewer app. Read more about the different Nebo feature packs.

If I buy the full version, is this a one-time payment?

Your purchase of Nebo full version is a one-time payment for all 4.x versions of the app. This will give you access to all updates of 4.x versions of Nebo. 

Supported devices

Is Nebo Viewer available on Android or Windows smartphones? 

No, but the full Nebo app might be available to download onto your Android or Windows smartphone. Read more about compatible devices here. Don't worry if you find that your smartphone is not compatible with the Nebo app, you can still read your notes via your smartphone's internet browser using the Create link feature. Read more about the Create link feature.

Can I use Nebo Viewer for iPhone if my main device is an Android, Windows or ChromeOS device? 

Yes, Nebo viewer will allow you to view your notes on your iPhone, even if your main tablet device is an Android, Windows, or ChromeOS device.

Syncing and backing up

Can I sync my notes with the cloud?

Yes, Nebo Viewer for iPhone has been specifically developed to allow you to sync your entire library between your primary device and your iPhone. Read more about syncing with the Nebo iPhone Viewer.

Can I sync across multiple devices?

Yes, just ensure that Nebo is installed on the necessary devices and that you are signed in to both your MyScript account and your preferred cloud storage service on each device.

If you plan to sync notes between iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, and/or Windows devices, you’ll need to download Nebo from each operating system’s associated app store. Find the different app store download links here.

Is this the same as backing up my notes on my iPhone?

No, there is a big difference between backing up and syncing your data. If you make changes to your notes or delete them on your primary device you will not be able to undo or restore them from the synced data on your iPhone.  Read more about the difference between syncing and backing up.

Importing and exporting

Can I import content into Nebo Viewer for iPhone?

No, it is not possible to import content into your notes in the viewer, you will need to add content to your notes on your primary device and then resync your notes.

Can I export content out of Nebo Viewer for iPhone?

Yes, you can export your notes out of the viewer in either Text, PDF, Word (.docx), or Nebo (.nebo) formats. Read more about exporting your notes from the Nebo Viewer.

Can I export multiple pages out of Nebo Viewer for iPhone?

Yes, you can export multiple notes out of the viewer as a single document as either PDF or Nebo (.nebo) formats. Read more about exporting multiple pages from the viewer.

Can I copy/paste my text in the Nebo Viewer?

Nebo Viewer allows you to copy/paste text out of the viewer into other apps, but you cannot copy/paste text into your notes in the viewer. To make changes to your notes in the viewer, you will need to make the required change in the Nebo app on your primary device and then sync your updated notes with the viewer. Read more about copy/pasting out of Nebo Viewer.

Can I edit my notes on the Nebo Viewer? 

No, Nebo Viewer is a view-only app that will not allow you to make changes to the text on your iPhone

Does Nebo viewer support drag-and-drop? 

No, Nebo viewer does not support drag-and-drop. However, you can copy and paste text or images out of the viewer and into other apps on your iPhone. Read more about copying and pasting content out of Nebo viewer.

Does the Nebo Viewer have access to the Create link feature?

Yes, you will be able to create a link for your notes from the viewer. The steps are just the same as in the Nebo app on your primary device. Read more about using the viewer to create a link for your notes.

Does Nebo viewer support dark mode? 

At present, there is no dark mode setting within the app, and adjusting the display settings on your device will not change the screen settings in the viewer. 

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