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Troubleshooting sync issues

What is syncing?

Syncing is the process by which changes you make to your Nebo notes on one device are reflected across any other locations or devices where those notes are stored and/or can be accessed.

Note: Syncing is distinct from backing up.

Syncing your Nebo notes - basic info 

  • With Nebo, you can sync your notes with the iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox cloud storage services. Syncing creates a copy of your content that is stored with the selected cloud storage service. Your content can then be synced between the selected cloud storage service and any other devices on which you use Nebo (or Nebo Viewer).
  • When you sync via iCloud or Google Drive, there is no way to view a list of the synced content in the cloud; only Dropbox allows you to see your .nebo files listed in the cloud after syncing, but you will only be able to open the files within the Nebo application.
  • Syncing is not automatic: you choose when to sync your Nebo content. To check if there are unsynced changes on your device or in the cloud, access the Notebooks sidebar in Nebo and swipe down with your finger over the list of collections and notebooks. The number of notebooks with changes waiting to sync will display below the Notebooks heading.
  • When syncing between multiple devices, prevent conflicts by syncing your changes to your selected cloud storage service first. Only then should you sync between your cloud storage service and any other devices on which you use Nebo (or Nebo Viewer).

Syncing your Nebo notes with other cloud services 

While iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox are accessible from within the app's sync functionality, it is still possible to sync using other cloud services, such as One Drive. To do so: 

  • Install the cloud service provider's application on your device.
  • When syncing from Nebo to the cloud, manually export your note or notebook out of Nebo and into the cloud service provider's app. 
  • When syncing from the cloud to the Nebo library, you will need to manually export the .nebo file out of the cloud service provider's app, and into your Nebo library.

Before troubleshooting, check the following: 

  • You’ve activated syncing within Nebo.
  • You can view your sync settings by accessing Settings > Sync in Nebo. If you’re not currently connected to Wi-Fi and your device has a cellular connection, you’ll need to enable Sync over cellular before you can sync. If your device doesn’t have a cellular connection, you’ll need to wait until you are connected to Wi-Fi before you can sync.
  • The titles of your collections, notebooks, and individual notes don’t contain emojis.
  • The titles of your collections, notebooks, and individual notes are not too long. 
  • There are no outstanding software updates for Nebo, your device’s operating system, or the relevant cloud storage service app (if you have installed it on your device).
  • You have enough storage space available in your selected cloud storage service for the content you need to sync.
  • Syncing isn’t prohibited by your device or network, particularly when using a company device.
  • You haven’t installed Nebo Viewer (for iPhone) on your iPad. 
  • Your iCloud account may automatically download and install apps on multiple compatible Apple devices. If this happens, it can cause sync issues. To resolve, delete Nebo Viewer from your iPad and try syncing again.
  • You’re signed in to the same MyScript and cloud storage service accounts on all devices where you want to sync content.

Troubleshooting steps 

If you’ve checked all of the above and are still unable to sync, the following steps should help you to resolve the issue.

Note: Before troubleshooting sync issues, always back up your Nebo library and store the backup file in an easily accessible location.

  1. In Nebo, select Settings > Sync. The Sync menu displays.
  2. Select Disconnect [cloud storage service] (where “[cloud storage service]” is your connected cloud storage service). Your cloud storage service will be disconnected.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Access Nebo, select Settings > Sync and sign back into your selected cloud storage service. 

If this doesn’t resolve the issue and you’re still unable to sync, try the following:

  • Try to sync using a different cloud storage service. This will help to identify whether the issue you’re experiencing is related to a specific cloud service.
  • Check if you’re able to sync non-Nebo content between your device and your selected cloud storage service.
  • Search online to find out if other people using the same cloud storage service are experiencing similar problems when syncing. If so, there may be support articles or forum posts containing solutions specific to your chosen cloud storage service.
  • If your syncing issue seems to relate to your cloud storage service, try contacting the service’s support team. They may be able to help you resolve the issue.
  • If none of the above applies and you want to contact the support team at MyScript, be ready to provide as much detail as possible about:
    • The issue you’re experiencing, including when it happens and how it presents. 
    • The device, device OS, and cloud storage service you’re using.
    • Any steps you’ve taken to try to understand and/or resolve the issue.

Please note that syncing is not included in the Nebo free version for iOS. To access syncing features, you will need to upgrade your Nebo app to the full version with a single in-app purchase.

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