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Alternatives to HTML export

In previous versions of Nebo, you were able to export pages from your notebooks to HTML. This feature has since been removed, but there are ways to achieve similar results.  

A note for users of Apple devices: To create a link for your notes, you must own the Connect Pack or Full Pack*. To export your notes to PDF, you must own the PDF Pack or Full Pack. All packs are available to purchase in the Nebo Store, accessed via Nebo’s Settings menu. 

Create link for your notes 

With Nebo, you can share a page via the web by creating a link to a unique URL.  

Linked pages can be accessed from any web browser, and you retain full control over who can access your linked content. 

When creating a link for pages, your content is not converted or changed in any way. 

For more information, see Create link for notes with Nebo. 

Export your notes to PDF 

Nebo lets you export pages to PDF while configuring the page size of the exported file. You can choose to export to a single-page PDF or to a multi-page PDF. Handwritten content is not automatically converted when exporting a page to PDF. 

If you choose a multi-page PDF, your notes will automatically be divided into multiple pages within a single file. 

For more information, see Exporting a single page or multiple pages. 

Note: When exporting a page to PDF, handwritten content will be automatically converted to typed text. 

* Or be a user of Nebo Pro.


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