You may wonder why your pen, that works with any other application, does not work with Nebo.

While standard pens are great for many applications, Nebo needs to make a clear distinction between actions performed by the finger and actions performed by the pen. And only actual active pens provide that distinction!

- An active pen will send "type=pen" information, that will be interpreted as such by your device. In the meantime, if you use your finger, it will send a small electrical charge that will be interpreted as "type=touch".

- A standard pen will send "type=touch" for every contact with the surface (pen, finger or anything else).

If we allowed standard pens to write in Nebo, it would be very difficult to distinguish what you write with the pen from your fingertip resizing a block or even from your palm resting on the screen.

This lack of distinction between both would cause a terrible user experience.

Besides, some pens other than the Apple Pencil claim to be active. That's true, but their particularity is that they handle palm rejection on their own. We tested it and came to the conclusion that it was not accurate enough to handle Nebo properly.

Our job here at MyScript is to provide you with the most optimal user experience and we would not be satisfied with providing something less than perfect.