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What's new in Nebo 2

Nebo 2.0 has arrived, along with new features and document management system!

In short, here is what you can now enjoy:

  • New, more flexible navigation interface: We super-powered our app with drag and drop and created a new main view for you to see all your pages at once. Arranging things your way has never been so easy!
  • Smarter handwriting recognition: We've taught Nebo new words and expressions, which means faster conversion.
  • Better stability and bug fixes.
  • MyScript account: No more need to create a MyScript account to write in Nebo, only if you wish to sync your notes.
  • New compatible active pen: If you own an iPad 2018, enjoy the Apple Pencil or its cousin, the Logitech Crayon.
  • Six new languages: Perfect for polyglots, language learners or proud native speakers of Cebuano, Philippine English, Filipino, Malagasy, Colombian Spanish or Swahili.
  • Global search: Use the search bar to fish out words in all your notes, and get a glimpse of the results from a single place.

Have fun!

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