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Why upgrade to Calculator 2?

Calculator 2 has unique features to make you even more productive with your everyday calculations.

We understood that, more often than not, you need to elaborate from previous calculations, reuse results, and have freedom in terms of display and actions.

So we enriched our award winning-calculation app with the following:

Drag and drop

Move your results around with your fingertip.

Multiline calculations

Write several calculations on the same canvas or keep writing on the next line if your calculation is long.

Immediate reuse

Drag and drop a result across the canvas to reuse it in the next calculation. In doing so, the first calculation fades out so you can start a fresh one.

Fractions and mixed fractions

In addition to decimals, you can have your results show in fractions or mixed fractions. Can be useful sometimes!

Memory bar

Drag and drop the numbers you're going to reuse in and from there. It's at the top of your canvas.


Need to find back an entire calculation of yours? Don't rewrite it, just browse the history.

You can take a sneak peek at Calculator 2:

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