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Nebo's Draft feature for Windows and Android offers more possibilities than ever to make your notes your own. Draft lets you use the page just like an ideas-board, so whether you’re in the boardroom or brainstorming with team-members, Nebo will help your ideas take shape. From minutes at meetings, notes for a presentation or a business report, Nebo’s Draft feature will be an invaluable first step as your work moves from its first concept to its final creation.

Draft will let you bring together text, arrows, diagrams, sketches, maths, etc, all in one space. Once you are ready to move on to the next stage of your editing process you can select and then copy/paste the components you need to your desired location within Nebo itself or to another app.

Create a Draft section
To begin you will need to create a Draft section to work in:

Tap the + in the top right corner of your note, then tap Draft/Add section.
· In an empty space of your note double-tap with your finger and select Draft/Add section.
· You can also simply slice across the page with your pen to open a Draft section. Watch the tutorial below:

Creating content in Draft
Once you have created a draft section you are ready to go. You can now work anywhere in the section without drawing upon Nebo’s full editing capabilities. Your content will stay on the page exactly as you write it. If you want to move your ideas around the page or move them to another location, you can now use Nebo’s lassoto do so.

Using the lasso to manage your content
Tap the lasso iconat the top of the page then circle the content you would like to manage.

Manipulating content
Once you have lassoed the area you want to work with, you will be presented with three options:

· Resize to change the size of the item selected.
· Delete to remove the selected item.
· Copy as... Text / Sketch / Math / Diagram to paste the selection as a new block in an empty space of your note. 

Watch the tutorial below:

Erasing content
Gestures are not enabled in the Draft feature so you will need to use the eraser to remove unwanted content by tapping on the erase icon  at the top of the page.

Searching for keywords
If you would like to search for keywords in the Draft section you are free to use the magnifying glass tool.

Activating Copy/Cut/Delete
· Tap an empty space in your Draft section to display the "Copy/Cut/Delete" menu.
· Tap Copy/Cut to copy the section. This will be pasted as an image in the destination app. If you are copying to Microsoft Word, you can paste text content as text.
· Tap Delete to remove the unwanted section.

Exporting the entire Draft section
Long press on the thumbnail in grid view (DMS) to display the page menu.
· Export as Word / PDF / HTML will export your Draft section to your desired location. Images contained in the Draft section may be distorted when exporting to Word. (Export as PDF is not available in Windows).
· Export as text will only export the text content from the page (no Draft content).

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