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View your notes on iPhone and Mac

Nebo Viewer for iPhone, available from the iPhone app store, is a handy companion app that gives read-only access to your Nebo library via your iPhone. Search your library, copy/paste content into other apps, and even export and publish pages. Read more about Nebo Viewer for iPhone.

Nebo for Mac M1 is available from the Mac App Store. With the introduction of Apple's M1 chip, Nebo can now be installed on associated Mac devices. Running Nebo on your Mac M1 device will allow you to sync your notes across your devices, read your notes, make edits using the keyboard, and navigate using the mouse and trackpad. Edits requiring a pen and touchscreen will need to be made on your iPad or tablet device. Read more about Nebo for Mac M1. 

Note: If your primary device is an iPad you will need to purchase the Full pack or the Connect pack from the Nebo Store so that you can sync your notes across your devices. You'll also need access to the internet, a cloud sync, and a free MyScript account. To create a MyScript account, go to Settings in Nebo, or visit

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