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Handwriting on a Note page

Selecting your pen style

Nebo has three available pen types: Felt, Fountain, and Brush.

  1. Tap the pen icon in the top navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred pen type.
  3. You can also select the pen thickness from the six options that appear below the pen-style icons.
  4. Use the test space to confirm that your pen style and thickness are correct.

Selecting your ink color

After selecting your pen type, you can use the color palette to select or create your preferred ink color:

  1. Tap the blue icon.
  2. From the dropdown menu, use the available tools to select your color.
  3. The saturation slider can be used to adjust the color depth.
  4. The brightness slider can be used to adjust the color brightness.
  5. You can add as many colors as you need and delete them with the trash icon.

Managing your handwriting with the lasso

After handwriting on the page, you have a number of options available to manage the text:

  1. Tap the lasso icon in the top navigation bar.
  2. Draw around the text that you would like to format.
  3. Nebo will detect the main body of text you are selecting. Overlapping pen strokes from other text will be ignored.
  4. You can move the text around the page using your pen or finger, or select from one of the six options in the pop-up menu, as seen in the image above.
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Copy as...
    • Delete
    • Convert
    • Resize
  • See below for details.

  1. Cut will cut the selected text and allow you to paste it elsewhere on the page, onto another Nebo page, or as an image in another app.
  2. Copy will copy the selected text to duplicate it on the page, in another Nebo page, or as an image in another app.
  3. Copy as...Text, Sketch, Math, or Diagram. This allows you to export the selected text into a Document page in the appropriate object for further editing or work.
  4. Delete will delete the selected text.
  5. Convert will convert the selected text to typed font. Text that is overly slanted or vertical will not be converted. To learn more about managing converted text on a Note page, follow this link: Using the keyboard on a Note page
  6. Resize will allow you to resize the selected text.

Additional details.

Resizing your handwritten text

If you select Resize to adjust your handwritten text, you will also see the font size displayed.
The following pen gestures are available with handwritten text:
  1. Underline. Repeat twice to undo.
  2. Strikethrough. Repeat to undo.
  3. Highlighter. Repeat to undo.
  4. Scratch to erase.
  5. Text can be joined with an upward stroke.
  6. Text can be divided with a downward stroke.

For handwriting conversion and management of converted text on a Note page: Keyboard and text conversion on a Note page

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