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Insider program

  • Welcome to the Nebo insider program

    We're launching the Insider program to give you an inside look on the innovative new features we've been crafting for you. We'd love to offer...

  • Keyboard beta

    New on iPad: You can now easily switch between your Apple Pencil and your keyboard, and take your notes even faster. With this beta version, you will be abl...

  • Edit with a keyboard

    To place the cursor, tap in an empty space or tap twice on any text block. When you're done, tap in margins or in an empty space to remove the cursor.

  • Select text with touch

    Quickly select a word using your finger: Long press while handwriting, or double tap while typing.

  • Mix keyboard and pen

    You can use your Apple Pencil to apply style while typing: Underline to title or make bold, and draw a square to highlight

  • Publish (beta) feature: share your page

    As an insider, you have access to the Publish (beta) feature. It lets you share your pages privately or publicly through a unique URL. You can also publish ...

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