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Unpublished MyScript Calculator 1.3 on iOS

About this Version:

Give superpowers to your Calculator with the PowerPack:
- Immediate Reuse: Continue a long operation or use your result in a new calculation.
- Memory: Save results into memory. Use them anytime in your calculations.
- History: Retrieve all your past calculations, ready for reuse and export.

Free trials included. Unlock these features with a single in-app purchase.

And also:
- Copy the result as text to the clipboard and paste it in other apps or documents.
- inverse trig functions cos^-1, sin^-1, tan^-1 now behave like arccos, arcsin, and arctan.
- Improved iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ support.

• Basic operations: +, -, ×, ÷, /
• Powers, Roots, Exponentials: 7², √, ∛, e³
• Misc. Operations: %, |5|, 3!
• Brackets: ( )
• Trigonometry: cos, sin, tan, cot, cosh, sinh, tanh
• Inverse trigonometry: acos, asin, atan
• Logarithms: ln, log
• Constants: π, e, phi

If you previously bought or downloaded an unpublished iOS app, you can still download it from your purchased items list:

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