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Create interactive diagrams with elements you can edit, delete and move anytime you want.

Please find below the types of diagrams, shapes, and connectors Nebo recognizes:

Link items

Shapes, connectors, and text can easily be linked. Once two items are linked, moving/resizing one means moving/resizing the other accordingly.

Write text inside a shape to link both:

Write text next to a connector to link both:

Draw a connector between two shapes to link them:

Draw two connectors close to each other to link them:

Label a connector to link both:

As shown in the below figure:

- When text is written inside a shape, the connector is linked to the shape, and not to the text.

- When there is no shape, the connector is linked to the text.

When two elements are linked by a connector, it is called a “node”. A node can either be a shape, some text, or even a free drawing.

When the user places a unique and centered piece of text inside a shape, it is called a “cell label”. If text is placed near a connector, it is called a “label”.

To create a diagram:

  1. Double-tap anywhere on your page or tap  in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Diagram.
  3. Start writing it down.

You can also copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint.

Rotating shapes in a Diagram object

After perfecting a shape by holding the pen against the page for a brief moment post-drawing, you can rotate it in Diagram objects, Note sections, and Note pages. To do this:

  1. Draw your shape, ensuring you hold the pen against the page until the shape perfects.
  2. Tap on the shape you wish to rotate.
  3. Use the rotation arrow to adjust the shape to your preferred angle.
  4. Always add text to the shape only after you've finalized its rotation

To adjust connectors, lines, and arrows in Nebo:

  1. Selecting Connectors: Tap on a line or arrow to select it. It will highlight in blue with adjustment points at both ends.
  2. Adjusting Position: Use your finger or stylus to drag the adjustment points to reposition. A light blue circle will appear around the handle to indicate adjustment mode.
  3. Magnetism for Precise Connection: Dragging a handle near another line or shape activates the magnetism feature, turning the circle dark blue and selecting the approached object for precise alignment.
  4. Connecting and Modifying Lines: Once lines are connected, all related handles become visible for adjustment. You can drag these handles in any direction to adjust the connection's position or angle.
  5. Finalizing Adjustments: Tap outside the selected area to confirm your adjustments and exit the adjustment mode.

These steps simplify diagram creation and editing in notes, offering angle snapping for precision, magnetism for connections, and adjustments that don't impact nearby items.

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