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Copy/paste blocks, objects, and text

In Nebo, you can copy/paste in-app blocks, objects (images, math equations, sketches, diagrams), and text, as long as both pages are set to the same recognition language:

  1. Tap your block, object or text to select it.
  2. Tap at the top right of your block or object and choose Copy.
  3. Long-press an empty area within Nebo or an external location and choose Paste.

Note: You can copy/paste text content from other apps into Nebo, and you can copy/paste all your Nebo blocks, objects, and text into other apps, although there are limitations on images. It is also only possible to copy/paste images between notes and notebooks within Nebo, but they cannot be copy/pasted from external sources. Images must first be imported from the device's photo album. Images cannot be copy/pasted out of Nebo and into other apps on Android or Windows devices.

Content can be copy-pasted from a Note page to a Document page, but NOT from a Document page to a Note page. This is because the editing and text conversion functions available on Document pages are not available on Note pages.

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