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Dynamic layout - adjusting vertical space

Nebo’s dynamic layout lets you rearrange content on the page in two ways: by adjusting the vertical space between pieces of content or via drag-and-drop. To read about drag and drop see here.

Adjusting vertical space

The following method can be used to add or adjust vertical space: 

  • Between text blocks, objects, or sections within 
  • Diagram and sketch objects 
  • Within note sections

It isn’t possible to add or adjust vertical space within a math object.

To add or adjust vertical space: 

  1. Long-press with two fingers where you would like to add or adjust vertical space. A blue line displays. Note: The two-finger long-press gesture isn’t available on Android devices. Android users should long-press with one finger to display an edit menu, then select Adjust space to display the blue line. 
  2. Drag the blue line up or down to adjust the vertical space. Your content will reflow as you add or remove vertical space.

Please note the following when adjusting vertical space: 

  • Adjusting vertical space will automatically close the virtual keyboard. 
  • Adjusting vertical space will automatically deselect any currently selected object. 
  • Rotating your device while adjusting vertical space will automatically end the action.

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