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Nebo Documents

Nebo Documents are great for creating structured, text-based content, as they're fully responsive and offer the world's most accurate write-to-text conversion. If you need to ideate more freely within a Document, you can add a Note section.


H1 / Title

Underline a full paragraph twice.

H2 / Subtitle

Underline a full paragraph once.

Alternatively, tap the paragraph icon in the upper left of a text block to display these formatting options.

Highlight / Emphasize, and list

Use the marker to highlight or color text. Emphasize words by underlining them.

Starting a list is as easy as jotting down a bullet point:

  • Take clean notes
  • Manipulate on the fly
  • Double-tap to convert

Nebo supports various types of bullet points, including a), A) and →.


The conversion preview displays a converted version of your text in real time, so you can check your handwriting has been properly recognized.

If a word is incorrectly recognized, just tap in the preview to bring up a list of suggestions. Tap a suggestion to replace the original word.

To convert a block of text, double-tap it with your finger. It now appears converted with small characters.

To edit it, you need to enlarge it. Double-tap the text again to enlarge it. (You can also do this by accessing the menu displayed alongside the conversion preview.) Note that you can't edit converted text until you've enlarged it.

To convert a whole page, tap ... in the upper right corner and select Convert all.

Add Note sections

Note sections let you write and draw freely, and are easy to add to Nebo Documents. You can use the marker to highlight or color content in a Note section.

3 ways to add a Note section:

  • In the upper right corner of your page, tap + and select Note.
  • Double-tap with your finger in an empty space and select Note.
  • Draw a straight line from the left edge of the page to the right.

You can easily resize Notes sections vertically. You can also copy content from Note sections to other Nebo pages or other apps as convertible text, math or diagrams, or as sketches. Convertible content will automatically convert when pasted into other apps.

To learn more about using Note sections and pages, access Nebo's sidebar, tap Help and view the Note tutorial. For more information or if you have questions, tap Support to visit our online knowledge base.

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