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To add a diagram object to a Nebo Document, tap + in the upper right corner of your page and select Diagram. Alternatively, double-tap with your finger in an empty space to open a contextual menu, then select Diagram.


When creating a diagram object, you can use the interactive ink gestures described in the Basic interactions tutorial:

  • Erase words or letters by scratching out the text. 
  • Make a break between 2 letters or words by drawing a straight vertical line downward. 
  • Join 2 separate letters or words by drawing a straight vertical line upward.

Each shape in your diagram can be:

  • Moved independently via drag-and-drop. 
  • Deleted using the erase gesture with your pen.

Use the double-tap gesture to convert diagrams to perfect shapes and typed text.
Nebo diagrams remain fully editable when pasted or imported into Powerpoint slides. If you're using Nebo for iPadOS or Windows, you can copy/paste your diagram into Powerpoint by tapping ... in the upper right corner of the diagram object and selecting Copy. If you're using Nebo on an Android device, you can export your diagram by tapping ... in the upper right corner of the diagram object and selecting Export.

Rotating shapes in a Diagram object

After perfecting a shape by holding the pen against the page for a brief moment post-drawing, you can rotate it in Diagram objects, Note sections, and Note pages. To do this:

  1. Draw your shape, ensuring you hold the pen against the page until the shape perfects.
  2. Tap on the shape you wish to rotate.
  3. Use the rotation arrow to adjust the shape to your preferred angle.
  4. Always add text to the shape only after you've finalized its rotation

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