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Nebo lets you export your pages and publish them to the web, so you can easily share your content. Please note, you'll need to sign in to a free MyScript account to publish your pages to the web.

You can also copy handwritten or converted text from Nebo to any other app or paste text from other apps into Nebo.


You can export a page by tapping in the upper right corner of the page and selecting your preferred export format.

If you're using Nebo for iPadOS, you can share or save an entire notebook as a .nebo file by accessing the sidebar, opening the Notebooks menu, swiping left on the chosen notebook, and selecting Export.

If you're using Nebo on an Android device, you can achieve the same result by tapping the notebook icon beside the chosen notebook, then tapping the vertical dots icon at the top of the sidebar and selecting Export.

If you're a Windows user, you can achieve the same result by long-pressing on the chosen notebook, then releasing your finger to display a contextual menu. You can then select Export from the options displayed.

Share via weblink

To share a copy of a Nebo page via a unique web link, tap … in the upper right corner of the page to access the Sharing menu. From the menu, select Create link and tap the Create link button. A copy of your page will be published to the web.

By default, Private access is switched 'on' for each page you publish to the web, which means that other people will only be able to view it if you give them access. They will need to sign in with a MyScript account to view the published page.

If you switch Private access 'off', anyone with the link can view your published page.

To allow people to view a private access page, ensure Private access is switched 'on' and select Add people. You can then add the email address of each contact who requires access. When you've added the necessary email address(es), tap Send to send each recipient an email containing a unique access link.

If you make changes to the original version of a published page, access the Create link menu and tap Update to sync your changes to the published copy. If you want to unshare the page, access the Create link menu and select Delete link.


There are two ways to share text content from a Nebo Document via other apps:

  • Select a text block, tap … and select Copy.
  • Select text, then select Copy via the contextual menu or use a keyboard shortcut.

There are also different ways to paste raw content into Nebo from another app:

  • Long press in an empty space to display the contextual menu, then select Paste.
  • Place the cursor, then select Paste via the contextual menu or use a keyboard shortcut.
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