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PDF journal navigation with table of contents (hyperlinks)

1. Using journals and digital planners in Nebo

A digital planner is a modern take on the classic paper planner. It's typically a downloadable interactive PDF (hyperlinks inside the same PDF file), designed for easy note-taking and organizing.

How to Use with Nebo:

  1. Import Planner (same as importing a PDF file): Nebo functions as a PDF annotation tool, allowing you to import your digital planner into the app.
  2. Write and Organize: Utilize Nebo's features to add notes and manage your planner.
  3. Interactive Navigation: Digital planners often include interactive links and tabs, making it easy to jump between sections without endless scrolling.

Nebo enhances your digital planner experience by combining traditional planning's simplicity with digital efficiency, helping you manage tasks and schedules effortlessly.

2. Preserving Hyperlinks When Importing PDF files into Nebo

When importing documents with hyperlinks into Nebo, it's important to ensure these links remain functional:

  1. Use a PDF Creator Tool: Create a new PDF version of your document using a PDF creator tool to keep the hyperlinks active.
  2. Importing the PDF into Nebo: After creating the PDF with active hyperlinks, import it into Nebo to preserve the link functionality.

Example: Converting a Word file with hyperlinks directly into Nebo might disrupt the links. Instead, first convert the Word file to a PDF using a tool like Google Docs, which effectively maintains hyperlinks, then import this PDF into Nebo.

3. Creating a PDF with Table of Contents Using Acrobat Reader

To create a PDF with a clickable Table of Contents:

  1. Start with a Word Document: Create your article using headings in a new Word document.
  2. Save as PDF with Specific Settings:
    • Go to File > Save As, navigate to your desired save location.
    • Click the dropdown arrow at 'Save As Type' and change 'Word Document (.docx)' to 'PDF (.pdf)'.
    • Click the 'Options' button and tick 'Create Bookmarks using Headings'.

Ensure Bookmarks in Acrobat Reader:

  1. Open your PDF in Acrobat Reader.
  2. To view the clickable Table of Contents, enable Bookmarks by navigating to View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes and ticking Bookmarks.

Your PDF will now feature a clickable table of contents in the form of bookmarks, using the document's headings.

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