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Why sign in to a MyScript account?

Although it’s not required to use Nebo, we recommend creating and signing in to a MyScript account to ensure the best experience. 

Premium features and priority support

If you’re using Nebo on an Android or Windows device, you’ll need to sign in to access premium features and priority support. The same applies if you’re using the app on iPadOS and have purchased one or more of our optional Productivity Packs. 

Access notes across devices

By signing in to your MyScript account, you can view and edit your notes on different Nebo-compatible devices. 

Organizational use

When using Nebo on a company device, signing in to a MyScript account registered to the company will ensure you have access to any premium features paid for by your employer. 

Get the news from MyScript

Creating a MyScript account also gives you the chance to sign up for our mailing list. This will ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest news on Nebo as well as other great content – including pro tips, special offers, and exclusive events like live webinars with members of the MyScript team. You can adjust your messaging preferences at any time via Nebo’s Settings. 

Creating an account

Creating a MyScript account is swift, simple, and free. To make the process even easier, we also support registration and sign-in using your existing Google, iCloud, or Microsoft account details. 

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