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Math objects

Nebo can recognize basic math in text blocks (e.g. 3 x 6), but to add equations to your notes or have Nebo perform calculations for you, you should create Math objects:

  1. Double tap anywhere on your page or tap  in the top right corner, then choose Math.
  2. Start writing your formula in the Math object.
  3. To convert your formula, double tap anywhere in the Math object.

Supported operations and symbols


  • horizontal equations.
  • equations with one unknown, using '?'.
  • truncated or rounded results.
  • degrees or radiants for angle units.


  • basic operations: %, +/-.
  • basic operators: +, -, x, ÷.
  • basic functions: |x|, 1/x, √, ln, log, e^x, x^y, x², x!.
  • brackets: ( ).
  • trigonometry: cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan.
  • constants: π, e, φ.

Math object options

You can edit your Math object by mixing colors, changing object size, activating the solver, or moving the Math object anywhere else on your page.

Mix colors

Before writing, go to the pen toolbar and tap the color of your choice. You can use as many colors as you need.

Resize or move your Math object

Tap your Math object to select it. Then drag the handles around your object to resize it or use your finger to drag and and drop your object anywhere you want.

Convert your equations

To transform your handwritten equations into digital content, double tap on them. If the math solver is activated, your equation will be solved. 

Change approximation

Choose truncated or rounded numbers for the results of your calculations. To do so, tap your Math object to select it, then tap ... above the top right corner. Select Truncated or Rounded in the Math section.

Change angle unit

Tap your Math object to select it, then tap ... above the top right corner. Select Degree or Radiant in the Math section.

Deactivate the solver

To only convert your handwritten equations into typeset, without Nebo solving them. To do so, tap your math object to select it, then tap ... above the top right corner, and disable Calculation in the Math section.

General math settings

You can activate or deactivate the Calculation option or apply the same approximation and angle unit to all your Math objects, go to Settings in the side panel, where you’ll find the same options as with math objects on page.

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