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Nebo-compatible pen types

Nebo has been designed to enable productive note-taking. This means that handwriting on the digital page while using MyScript's recognition technology will be just as fast and fluid as when writing with traditional pen and paper.

To make this possible, the interaction between the nib of your pen and the surface of your tablet must be rich, fast and accurate. Only active pens are able to compliment MyScript's technology. 

Three things you need to know:

  1. Nebo only supports active pens, not capacitive ones.
  2. In our knowledge base, we decided to choose a generic term for all active pens, so we call them pens*.
  3. If you're looking at devices to use Nebo, our article on compatible devices provides you with a list of supported tablets and associated pens*.

More information on active pens and capacitive pens:

  • Active pens will send "type=pen" information, which will be interpreted as such by your device. In the meantime, if you use your finger, it will send a small electrical charge that will be interpreted as "type=touch".
  • Capacitive pens will send "type=touch" information for every contact with the surface (pen, finger or anything else). With them, no distinction can be made between writing (where you expect to see ink on your page) and touch editing (where you expect to modify your content intuitively, not to write).

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