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Can I trial Nebo?

Nebo is free to download on iOS, so if you want to download the app to try it out, we would love for you to do so. We're confident that you'll find it an invaluable tool in the office, in the classroom or wherever you need to take your notes. Whether you decide to upgrade to Nebo Pro is entirely up to you. Nebo's free version for iOS doesn't have all the features you'll find in the Pro version but it's a great introduction to MyScript's powerful Interactive Ink technology.

What do you get with Nebo (free version)? 

  1. Access to notebooks, and while the number of notebooks you can create is limited, there is no limit to the number of pages that you can create within a notebook. 
  2. Full page plain text export. 
  3. Copy/paste text into your Nebo notes from external sources. 
  4. Backup and restore, allowing you to save your full Nebo library for your security and peace of mind. 
  5. Pen and keyboard input for creating and editing your Nebo notes.

If you are interested in discovering more about, or upgrading to Nebo Pro and the full range of features that come with it, simply try to use a Pro feature in Nebo and follow the prompts or click on the following link: Nebo: Professional note-taking.

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