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How to Use the Highlighter

Accessing the Highlighter Options

  1. Double-tap on the highlighter tool icon in the toolbar to access the highlighter options.
  2. On a Note page, two different modes (Freehand and Smart) will be displayed.
  3. On a Document page, one mode (smart) will be displayed.

Selecting a Highlighter Mode

  1. Choose between the Freehand and Smart mode.
  2. Note that the Freehand mode is only available on Note pages, it is not available on Document pages and Note sections on Document pages.

Testing the Highlighter

  1. A test area will be displayed where you can verify the thickness of your highlighter ink before applying this to the page.
  2. Note that the already applied highlights in both Note and Document files are not impacted and remain unchanged.

Using the Freehand Mode

  • If you choose the Freehand mode, the highlighter input will be displayed as a handwritten stroke over the text or item to which it is applied.
  • Freehand mode is only available on a Note page

Using the Smart Mode

  • If you choose the Smart mode, the highlighter input will be beautified when applied to text.
  • Smart mode is available on both Note and Document pages.

Erasing Highlighter Markups

  1. To erase Freehand and Smart markups, select the non-color icon in the color pallet and retrace the markup you would like to erase.

Using the Coloring Tool

  • The shape coloring option remains available in both Smart and Sketch modes.

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