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PDF thumbnail sidebar

Easily add, move, or delete PDF pages, and jump to any page by tapping its thumbnail in the side panel.

Understanding the PDF navigation side panel:

This feature in Nebo allows for efficient and streamlined navigation within PDF files. This side panel is designed to make your PDF interactions in Nebo more intuitive and less time-consuming.

  1. Open a PDF Document: Start by opening the PDF file you want to navigate in Nebo.
  2. Locate the Sidebar Icon: Look for an icon resembling a sidebar, found at the top left of the screen.
  3. Activate the Side Panel: Tap this icon. A side panel will open, displaying thumbnails of all the pages in your PDF.
  4. Easily Navigate Pages: Tap the thumbnail page menu to jump to that specific page in your PDF document.
    • Insert blank page:
      This will insert an empty page for note-taking into the PDF.
      Move page up:
      This will move the selected page up in the PDF page order.
      Move page down:
      This will move the selected page down in the PDF page order.
      Delete page:
      This will permanently delete the selected page from the PDF. There is no confirmation requested before deleting the page.
  5. Close the Panel: When done, tap the sidebar icon once more to dismiss it and go back to your standard view. 

Additional Tips:

  • Thumbnail Views: The thumbnails give you a mini-preview of each page, making it easier to find the page you need.
  • Scrolling Through Thumbnails: If you have a long document, you can scroll up and down through the thumbnails to find the specific page.

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