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Editing PDF annotations

You can use some of Nebo's core pen gestures to edit content within imported PDFs. The following gestures are supported within PDFs:

  • Scratch-out or strike-through to erase.
  • Draw a downward vertical line to insert space within or between words or lines.
  • Draw an upward vertical line to delete space within or between words or lines.
  • Underline to emphasize.

To adjust the actions performed by these gestures, access the sidebar menu and select Settings > ✨ Interactions.

You can also edit content within PDFs using the tools found in Nebo's toolbar, just as in Notes and Documents.

  • Use the Eraser tool to delete content.
  • Use the Keyboard tool to activate the keyboard and edit or delete text.
    ℹ️ You can also activate the keyboard by tapping once anywhere within your PDF. If tapping once doesn't activate the keyboard, check this feature is activated by tapping the ⋯ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then choosing Advanced > Tap for keyboard
  • Use the Highlighter to color annotations. For more information, see Managing colors on a page.

Moving PDF annotations

To move content you've added to a PDF, either tap it or select it with the lasso tool, then drag it to the desired location.

Formatting PDF annotations

To format your PDF annotations:

  1. Select a word, a group of words or an entire block of converted or typed text.
    The Edit menu displays.
  2. Select Style….

       A list of formatting options displays.

  1. Choose the formatting you wish to apply or remove.

You have several options for formatting text in a PDF:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Double-underline
  • Strike-through
  • Highlight
    ℹ️ The highlight will be applied and aligned to your text, using the same color as the one currently selected for the Highlighter tool.

To highlight in freehand mode, simply use the highlighter directly on your annotations without accessing the options menu. Just remember when applying freehand highlights to text that, if you later move the highlighted text around the PDF, your freehand highlights will not automatically move with it.

Creating lists

  1. Within your PDF, tap or select the text content you want to reformat as a list.
    The Edit menu displays.
  2. Choose List....

You can choose from a bulleted list, a numbered list or a checklist. You can also cancel your selection and revert to the original text.

Use the keyboard tab key to indent lists as necessary.

Note: If you run into performance issues when annotating large PDFs, consider breaking it down into smaller files. Once you’ve finished annotating, you can merge them back together.

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