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How to edit annotations in PDFs

In Nebo, you're free to mark up your PDFs however you wish. This includes writing, typing or pasting text, sketching arrows and figures, or highlighting the PDF text content. You can adjust or modify your annotations anytime with these simple steps.

Edit annotations using pen gestures

Nebo supports several pen gestures that you can use to edit your annotations within PDFs:

  • Erase: Scratch-out or strike-through to erase annotation text or drawings.
  • Break: Draw a downward vertical line to add space within or between words or lines (not applicable for handwritten text).
  • Join: Draw an upward vertical line to remove space within or between words or lines (not applicable for handwritten text).
  • Underline: Use this to emphasize your annotation text.

For more information about pen gestures, see Nebo gestures for stylus.

Edit annotations using standard tools

Nebo's toolbar also provides tools to help you edit your PDF annotations, mirroring the features in Notes and Documents.

  • Keyboard: Use this to add, edit or delete annotation text using your keyboard.
  • Eraser: Apply over annotation text or drawings to delete them.
  • Highlighter: Draw over text highlights to change their color or remove them.
  • Lasso: Circle annotation text or drawings to select and freely move them.

Format annotation text

Nebo comes with a variety of text formatting options for your PDF annotations. Start by selecting some annotation text (from single word to text blocks) to access formatting options.

Apply style

In the edit menu above your selection, tap the Style… button, and choose which styles to apply:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Double-underline
  • Strike-through
  • Highlight

Note: Highlight will use the same color as the one currently selected for the Highlighter tool.

Create lists

In the edit menu above your selection, tap the List… button, and choose which list type to create:

  • Bulleted list
  • Numbered list
  • Checklist
  • None

Change annotations color

You can easily apply new colors to existing annotations. Use the Lasso tool or long press on text to select them first, then tap any color in the toolbar to recolor your selection.

Delete all PDF annotations

You can remove all your annotations at once to clear up your PDF. Tap the  button in the top right corner of the toolbar, and choose Clear all annotations. This won't delete any added blank pages.

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