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iOS: Calculator Powerpack and Calculator 2 paid app

Calculator 2 is a new paid application whereas MyScript Calculator was a free app with an in-app purchase.
Therefore, it is not possible to get Calculator 2 for free, even if you have already bought the PowerPack in-app.

However, if you use the same iTunes account used for the purchase of the MyScript Calculator Powerpack, you can restore MyScript Calculator full version. To do so:

- Open the AppStore app.
- Tap the Profile icon (iOS 11).
- Tap Purchased item.
- Search MyScript.
- Download and open MyScript Calculator.
- Open Powerpack menu and choose Restore.

Calculator 2 is a new paid app, there is no way to try it without buying it. On the AppStore, you can ask for a refund by reporting a problem : We cannot make any refund on our side.

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