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Nebo gestures for stylus

In Nebo, you can use simple gestures to manage your ink in documents.


Simply strike through or scratch-out content you don't want anymore (words, calculations, diagram elements).


Draw a straight vertical line downward

  • inside your word: to split a word (and potentially insert a new letter).
  • between two words: to create a line break.
  • at the beginning or end of a line: to create a new paragraph.


Inversely, draw a straight vertical line upward

  • between two words: to merge two words.
  • at the beginning or end of a line: to merge two lines.
  • at the beginning or end of a line: to merge two paragraphs.

All Nebo gestures, along with other tips, can be found in your tutorial.

Please note:

  • Gestures are available on all page types, but the break and join gestures don’t work on handwritten text in your Notes and PDFs.
  • Currently, there is no option to disable gestures.
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