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Copy/paste math equations into a LaTeX editor

Nebo allows you to copy/paste your Math objects into a LaTeX editor, and to obtain a LaTeX format. To do so:

  • Tap your Math object to select it.
  • Tap at the top right of your Math object and choose Copy.
  • Open your LaTeX editor and paste your Math object to get a LaTex format.

Here is an example of the final result:

1. Math equation in Nebo: 

=>Action tap ... and do a copy

2. Online LaTex editor (like Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor)

=>Action, do a Paste (Red box below). In this case the paste will be in LaTex format


On iOS, websites like allow you to paste and compile LaTeX expressions.

On Android, there is currently an issue with most LaTeX editors. In the meantime, please copy/paste using


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