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Double tap

Double tap with the finger is the gesture to perform many actions in Nebo. It triggers various options, depending on the content you interact with and its current state. Double tap enables you to...

Open the add object menu

Double tap any blank space on your page to open the add object menu, and take a picture, add an image or create a new object (Sketch, Diagram, Math). Convert handwriting to digital text

Simply double tap a piece of handwritten text to convert it.

Enlarge text blocks for editing

Double tap on your digital text block to enable editing. Use your pen to edit at will.

Enlarge or shrink object frames

Double tap any Image, Sketch, converted Math or Diagram object to enlarge or shrink their frames. That'll be more or less room between your object and your nearby text.

Convert or solve math equations

Double tap on your Math object to convert a handwritten equation to digital. If the solver is activated, it will convert and solve your equation all at once.

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