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Indent text

In Nebo, text reflows. It's responsive and adapts to space. You can see it when you change the size of a text block or the orientation of your device. In reflowing text, Nebo aligns it to the left. If you want to have your text slightly away from the left edge, play with text blocks:

  1. Write the whole piece of text you want to indent (a word, a sentence, or paragraph).
  2. Tap it to select the text block.
  3. Long press the left handle and move it to the right to push your block in that direction. 
  4. Tap anywhere outside your text block to leave the edit mode. 

And you're done.

If you want to keep adding text after this block, skip a line before you start writing.

Note that when changing the width of a text block, or when indenting it, text may need more room vertically. If so, use the break gesture to add more space.

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