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Nebo-compatible iOS devices

Nebo is an application powered by Interactive Ink, MyScript’s handwriting recognition technology.

Interactive ink lets you handwrite and edit text, diagrams and equations on a touchscreen, and converts them into digital content.

Nebo is only compatible with operating systems (OS) and devices that can handle our technology, and active pens are mandatory to write in Nebo.

You will find below a list of compatible devices on iOS devices.

Note that all compatible devices have an active digitizer touchscreen and an associated active pen. 

Capacitive pens are NOT compatible with Nebo. Make sure your pen is not a capacitive one.

Supported operating systems

  • macOS: not supported
  • iOS: iOS 11.0 or superior (non beta versions)
  • For iPad only

Supported devices and active pens

With iOS 11.0 or superior (non beta versions)

iPad Pro 2018 & 2019Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
Other iPad Pro modelsApple Pencil
iPad 2018 (6th generation) & 2019 (7th generation)
Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon / Adonit Note
iPad Mini 2019 (5th generation)Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon /Adonit Note
iPad Air 2019Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon / Adonit Note

Note: Since the release of Nebo 2.3 a keyboard feature is available which enables typing on all iPad models using a virtual or physical keyboard like the Smart Keyboard Folio. The keyboard remains available on all subsequent updates. On iPad models without Apple Pencil like pens, Nebo previous versions offer a Read-only experience.

How identify your iPad model and see if supports an active pen (Apple Article): 

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