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User dictionary

Nebo's user dictionary* allows you to tailor its content to your own specific needs.  

To enter a new word in the user dictionary follow the steps below:

  1. Select "Settings" at the bottom of the notebooks sidebar.
  2. Tap "Dictionary" in the settings menu.
  3. Now select "+ New word" and then type your chosen custom word in the space provided. This word will now be added to your user dictionary, improving Nebo's chances of recognizing it next time you write it.

If you need to remove or correct a word in the user dictionary, return to the dictionary sidebar, tap "Edit" and then select the required word. You will need to delete the word you want to correct and then retype it.

Please note that it is not possible to upload multiple words to the user dictionary from a list or text file.

*Not available in the Nebo free version for iOS. 

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