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Nebo Compatible Android - Tablet devices

Supported devices

While it is possible to write in Nebo with either a passive pen or an active pen, active pens are recommended for the best note-taking experience. 

To run Nebo, we recommend devices with the following HW requirements:

RAM: 4GB RAM memory (6G RAM will be optimal), 3GB may cause slowdowns with Nebo on some devices.

CPU: Quad-core

Display: A high-quality touch screen

Stylus: An active pen or a passive pen

OS: Android 6.0 or superior

The list below is not fully comprehensive. We cannot test all devices on the market, so if your device is not listed, please check it is compliant with the above hardware requirements.

You can contact Nebo support if you are not sure about the compatibility of your device (please provide the device specifications in your request, such as RAM, CPU, Touch screen Y/N, Active Pen Y/N).

Compatible devices using active pens (Only Android 6.0 or superior)


Huawei MatePad Pro (Nebo Preinstalled)M-Pen Stylus
Huawei MediaPad M5 LiteM-Pen lite Stylus
Huawei MediaPad M5 PROM-Pen Stylus


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ S-Pen
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (2019) & Lite (2020) S-Pen
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4S-Pen / Staedtler Noris digital (1)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3S-Pen / Staedtler Noris digital (1)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0", 2019 LTE)S-Pen
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7S-Pen / Staedtler Noris digital (1)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A10 (S-Pen)*S-Pen / Staedtler Noris digital (1)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1” 2014 EditionS-Pen
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2”S-Pen

* Only the Galaxy Tab A models that support the S-pen technology.

      **Except the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WiFi GT-N5110, 2013-2015 models.

      (1) Staedtler Noris digital

Compatible devices using passive pens (Only Android 6.0 or superior)

There are thousands of devices that can be used with Nebo, we can not list all here. Please check the hardware compatibility of your device.

RAM: 4GB RAM memory (6G RAM will be optimal), 3GB may cause slowdowns with Nebo on some devices.

CPU: Quad-core

Display: A high-quality touch screen

Stylus: passive pen (Called capacitive pen or capacitive stylus), these pens has less precision than an active pen, you can take notes but we don't recommend to take heavily notes. 

OS: Android 6.0 or superior


Information about tablets: there are 2 types of devices:

Consumer devices: The ones used to see emails, watch videos and get information and content like news or social media. they are not powerful (low RAM low memory and CPU). There are not expensive due to their hardware, and can work only with passive pens (capacitive pens)

Creation devices: The devices used to create materials, users can create word, power point presentations, use note-taking in heavily way like Nebo, design illustrations etc. These devices are powerful (Good RAM +6GB RAM, great CPU, large storage and great display). Some of these devices has active pen compatibility and these are the mentioned in the first table under Huawei or Samsung, but others brands has these kind of devices such Lenovo, Asus.

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