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Nebo 5 content recovery after migration

The Nebo 5 update introduces a reworked app architecture to enhance your note-taking experience, which requires the migration of your existing Nebo data. However, we understand that some users may have encountered data loss during this process.

To address this issue, we’re releasing a new update, 5.0.3, which adds a new "Recovered" collection to your Nebo library. This article explains how to restore recovered content to your existing Nebo library.

Data migration and the "Recovered" collection

During the upgrade to Nebo 5, all your existing Nebo content is migrated to ensure it works properly with the new data architecture. While our team has taken extensive measures to ensure a smooth transition, there may be occasional cases where data didn’t migrate successfully, resulting in missing or incomplete content.

To help you recover any data that was not migrated properly, we have introduced a dedicated "Recovered" collection in the 5.0.3 update. This collection serves as a temporary storage location for any data that couldn't be migrated but was recovered. You can review and reorganize recovered content at your convenience.

How to access the "Recovered" collection 

To access the "Recovered" collection in Nebo, follow these steps: 

  1. In Nebo, open the sidebar menu. 
  2. Look for the "Recovered" collection listed alongside your existing collections. 
  3. Tap on the "Recovered" collection to access your recovered content. 

Reviewing and managing recovered content 

Once you have accessed the "Recovered" collection, you can review and manage recovered content as follows: 

  1. Open a recovered page to inspect its content. 
  2. If the page is complete and accurate, you can move it to the appropriate notebook within Nebo. 
  3. If the page requires editing or modifications, you can make the necessary changes directly within the "Recovered" collection. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with the edited content, you can move it to the desired location within your library. 


To minimize any risk of data loss in the future, we recommend the following: 

  • Occasionally, create a backup of your existing notes using Nebo’s backup feature or by exporting them to an external location. 
  • Ensure your device always has sufficient storage space. 
  • For optimal system performance, close unused applications running in the background. 

By following these simple suggestions, you can make future updates even smoother and more convenient.

Finally, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by data loss during the Nebo 5 update. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and remain committed to providing you with the best note-taking experience possible. 

If you encounter further issues or have questions, please reach out to our support team 

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