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Nebo AI beta requirements and limitations

Nebo AI is a set of text generation features that help you make the most of your notes, save time, get quick assistance when needed, and study smarter. If you're eager to explore these new beta features, here's what you need to know first.

Nebo AI beta requirements

Nebo AI is free while in beta, but has a few requirements to meet:

  • Apple devices only – As of now, Nebo AI beta features are designed for and exclusive to iPad and iPhone (using an Apple Pencil is recommended but not mandatory with Nebo AI). If you have a Mac with Apple silicon, you can also install Nebo and use Nebo AI beta.
  • A free MyScript account – Participation in Nebo AI's beta testing requires a MyScript account. If you haven't created your account already, you can do so for free from Nebo's settings.
  • An internet connection – While Nebo's proprietary AI handwriting technology works offline, the use of generative AI in Nebo necessitates an active internet connection.

Known limitations of Nebo AI beta

Page content limit

Because Nebo AI functions directly within your notes, it understands the surrounding context of your questions to offer smart and accurate answers. In the current beta version of Nebo AI, pages that hold lots of content may experience performance issues. For now, we recommend being mindful of this limit while using Nebo AI beta features.

Usage quota limit

During Nebo AI's beta phase, there are certain usage limits in place to ensure everyone gets a chance to test Nebo AI features for free. If you get a notification indicating you've hit your quota, set Nebo AI aside for some time and try again later. Once the final version of Nebo AI is released, you will have options to remove these usage limits.

Supported countries and territories

Here are the countries, regions, and territories Nebo Ai support access from:

Countries and regions

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