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Getting started with Nebo on iPhone

With Nebo on iPhone and cloud sync, you can access and edit all the notes you created on your tablet, anywhere, anytime. It becomes an invaluable tool for quick edits and reviews on the go, but comes with a few differences from the tablet version.

Setting up Nebo on iPhone

Uninstalling Nebo Viewer

If you previously installed Nebo Viewer on you iPhone, we really recommend you uninstall it first to not interfere with setting up Nebo and cloud sync.

Installing Nebo

To install Nebo on your iPhone, simply go to the App Store and search for "Nebo". Tap Install or the cloud icon if you already installed Nebo on your iPad.


At first launch, Nebo will take you through a short onboarding:

  • Account — Log in using your free MyScript account. If you don't have one yet, tap Create account and follow the instructions.
  • Cloud sync — Log in to your third-party cloud service for syncing. Please make sure you're using the same cloud provider as on your tablet to access all your notes on your iPhone.
  • Auto-sync — Toggle the switch on for Nebo to take care of automatic syncing between your devices. If you leave the option disabled, you will have to sync manually each time you edit content to avoid any data conflict.

Once you're done, simply tap Start the app.

Cloud sync

After a few seconds, Nebo will connect with your cloud service to display all your collections and notebooks, and sync notes from the cloud onto your iPhone, ready for you to browse, review and edit.

Restore purchases

If you already paid for the full version of Nebo on your iPad, you can easily restore your purchase in Nebo's settings under Account.

Using Nebo on your iPhone

Nebo on iPhone offers a slightly different experience from the tablet version, with a smaller screen and no Apple Pencil support. This means using Nebo on iPhone comes with a few limitations.

User interface specificities

For optimal use on the iPhone's compact screen, a few modifications were made to Nebo's user interface:

  • The pen toolbar at the top of the screen is split into two sections: tools on the left, and colors on the right. Both can be independently scrolled horizontally to access overflowing items.
  • The name of your note is not displayed in the top navigation bar, but can be accessed and edited from the More menu.
  • Undo and Redo icons are not displayed in the top navigation bar, and have been moved to the More menu.

To access the More menu, simply tap the ⋯ button in the top-right corner.

Text creation and editing       

Creating or editing text is mainly done using the keyboard. You can add text with a passive pen or using your finger by selecting the Pen tool first, but the keyboard really is recommended for a better experience.

Please note that when using the keyboard, handwritten text edits will be displayed in typed text.

You can switch to keyboard from the toolbar, but also activate Tap for keyboard in the More menu > Advanced. 

Gestures and touch interaction

You can use your finger to perform all of Nebo's gestures, simply selecting the right tool first from the toolbar:

  •  Using the Pen tool:
    • Create perfect shapes by holding your finger after drawing in Notes
    • Scratch-out to delete content in Notes, Documents and PDF annotations
    • Underline or strike-through text to apply style in Notes, Documents and PDF annotations
  •  Using the Highlighter tool:
    • Smart-highlight text in Notes and Documents
    • Fill shapes and change color with a tap and hold over shapes or text in Notes and Diagrams
  •  Using the Hand tool:
    • Scroll or pan with a swipe
    • Zoom with a two-finger pinch
    • Select content with a tap
    • Add space with a two-finger tap and hold

Unchanged Nebo features

All other Nebo features are the same as on your tablet, among which:

  • Handwriting recognition and conversion to typed text
  • Search in all notes, including handwritten text
  • Copy/paste content into and from Nebo
  • Import and annotate PDFs
  • Export to PDF, Word document, image, etc.
  • Create a weblink to share notes online with others

You can also enjoy all Nebo AI features on your iPhone — for free while in beta. See Nebo AI beta requirements and limitations for more information.


System requirements

To use Nebo on your iPhone, make sure you have:

  • An iPhone with at least 4 GB of RAM
  • iOS 15 or a newer version
  • A free MyScript account
  • An internet connection for app installation and first use

More information

Check out the links below for more information on how to use Nebo on your iPhone:

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