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Syncing with iCloud

Syncing directly with iCloud is only available on iOS devices.

Getting started

Before you can connect to the cloud, you will need to create a MyScript account.

You will also need to purchase the Nebo Full pack, or the Connect pack if you want to sync on your iPadOS device. 

How iCloud works

iCloud sync allows you to share your notes with iCloud, and from iCloud across your connected devices. If you change or delete a note on one device, this will be immediately reflected in iCloud, and then on your other devices the next time you sync.

Connecting to iCloud

  1. Go to: Settings > Account > Sign in. Sign in to your MyScript account. 
  2. Go to: Settings > Sync > iCloud
  3. Toggle the Sync tab to on.
  4. Toggle on Sync over cellular if you would like to sync over your cellular provider's network. Note that this can be slower than a standard sync over Wi-Fi and may incur charges from your network provider.

Navigating iCloud Sync and its features

To sync all your notes in one go, tap this icon once in the side panel, or tap the word Sync at the top of the side panel. This will sync notes both up to and down from the cloud.
To sync new notes from your Nebo library up to the cloud, tap this icon. Any new notes you have created in Nebo will sync up to the cloud. 
To sync from iCloud down to your Nebo library, tap this icon. This will sync the version of your Nebo library in the cloud down to the Nebo library on your device. 

Syncing across multiple Device

If you sync your notes across more than one device, it is important to remember to sync any new notes you created up to iCloud and then from iCloud down to your other connected devices. This will keep your Nebo library up to date across your devices and prevent iCloud conflicts.

iCloud Sync Conflicts

Cloud conflicts arise when iCloud detects that there are different versions of your Nebo library stored in the cloud and on your device. iCloud will ask you which version of the library you want to keep.

Open AnywayThis will allow you to open the page on the device. If you make changes to this page and sync up to the cloud, this will become the dominant page version in iCloud.
Local versionThis will sync the Nebo library on your device up to iCloud.
If you have notes in iCloud that have not yet been synced with your device, these will be overwritten.
iCloud versionThis will sync the version of your Nebo library in iCloud down to your device. If you have new notes on your device that you have not yet synced with iCloud, these will be overwritten.
CancelThis option will cancel the sync process, but it will not resolve the cloud conflict.

Is there a difference between syncing and backing up my notes?

Yes, syncing and backing up your notes are two very different processes that if confused can lead to data loss. You can read more about this here: Backing up or syncing your data, what’s the difference?

I can't find one of my notes after syncing. How do I get it back?

If you accidentally lose your notes due to an accidental overwrite while you are syncing with iCloud, Nebo offers you a path to retrieve your lost work: Recovering your notes after an iCloud overwrite

To sync with iCloud Drive on Windows or Android devices, please see here for details: Syncing with other cloud services

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