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Syncing with iCloud

Syncing directly with iCloud is only available on iOS devices.

The sync process is set to automatic. You can disable this in the app settings.

Getting started

  • Before you can connect to the cloud, you will need to create a MyScript account.
  • Please note that syncing is not included in the Nebo free version for iOS. To access syncing features, you will need to upgrade your Nebo app to the full version with a single in-app purchase.

How iCloud works

iCloud sync allows you to share your notes with iCloud, and from iCloud across your connected devices. If you change or delete a note on one device, this will be immediately reflected in iCloud, and then on your other devices the next time you sync. You can choose to sync your entire Nebo library or just a specific notebook. To sync a notebook, simply tap on the sync icon next to the notebook you want to sync. 

Auto-sync feature

  • Auto-sync seamlessly keeps your notes in sync across all devices where Nebo is installed, and you’re signed in to your MyScript and iCloud accounts.
  • Auto-sync is enabled by default to ensure synchronization without manual actions, automatically synchronizing any changes to the notes across devices. Remember that to leverage this feature, your MyScript account should be active.
  • Note that auto-sync will not be activated in low battery mode to conserve battery life.
  • ⚠️ Important: Auto-sync does not back up your content. Use the separate "Back up" option available in Settings to safeguard your data.

Connecting to iCloud

  1. Go to: Settings > Account > Sign in. Sign in to your MyScript account.
  2. Go to: Settings > Sync > iCloud
  3. Toggle on Sync over cellular if you would like to sync over your cellular provider's network. Note that this can be slower than a standard sync over Wi-Fi and may incur charges from your network provider.

Syncing across multiple Device

Even with the availability of auto-sync, ensuring that your notes are updated across all devices still requires occasional manual syncing to prevent cloud conflicts and ensure your Nebo library remains updated across all devices.

iCloud Sync Conflicts

Should iCloud detect a conflict between the notes stored in the cloud and those on your device, Nebo will preserve both versions within your library. Review each version to determine which to keep and which to remove.

Can I open or read .nebo files on the cloud?

Only Dropbox will allow users to see their .nebo files listed in the cloud after a sync. When syncing with Google Drive or iCloud, users will not be able to see their .nebo files listed in the cloud, even though they are there. The .nebo files can only be opened and read in the Nebo app.

Is there a difference between syncing and backing up my notes?

Yes, syncing and backing up your notes are two very different processes that if confused can lead to data loss. You can read more about this here: Backing up or syncing your data, what’s the difference?

To sync with iCloud Drive on Windows or Android devices, please see here for details: Syncing with other cloud services

Please note that syncing is not included in the Nebo free version for iOS. To access syncing features, you will need to upgrade your Nebo app to the full version with a single in-app purchase.

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