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Sync icons

Once you've activated cloud sync in Nebo, icons representing various sync statuses will appear, each with a specific meaning.

At the top of the Notebooks section


All your notebooks are fully synced and up-to-date, no action needed.


Nebo is comparing your local content with what is in the cloud, to see if sync is required. If so, the icon is swiftly replaced with a Sync button.

 No internet

Cloud sync is paused and will be automatically enabled once your internet connection is restored.

Next to a notebook

 To sync 

This notebook needs to be synced (either upload, download or merge). You can either tap this icon to sync just this notebook, or tap the Sync button at the top of the Notebooks section to sync your entire library.

 Deleted at next sync

This notebook has been removed from the cloud, and will be deleted from your device during next sync. To prevent this, simply modify something within the notebook:

  • Create a new page or open an existing one
  • Add any content, such as a word or an image
  • Close the page

Once you have made an edit, your notebook will not be deleted at the next sync. Remember to tap Sync to upload your updates back to the cloud, ready to be synced with your other devices.


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