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Nebo for Android, iOS and Windows

Nebo is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Our designers and developers have made the experience consistent across all platforms. However, you might notice some changes between platforms. These changes are due to the possibilities and limits that come in with each platform.

Here are the features that change:

  • iCloud sync is only available on iOS.
  • Import of notebooks via the Import notebook button on the side panel is only available on Android and Windows
  • Insider Program offers beta features on iOS only.

Other changes include the way you select multiple pages or access the buttons to edit your notebooks or collections. As for images, there are named "images" on iOS and Windows, whereas they are named "pictures" on Android.

If I buy Nebo for iOS, Can I download it for free on Android and Windows?

Even though Nebo is indeed available on Android, iOS and Windows, you need to buy a license for each OS, should you need to use the app on several platforms.

For instance, if you buy Nebo in the App Store (iOS), you can't download it for free on your Android device or your Windows device, and vice versa. Each platform has its own app store and this is beyond our control.

Thank you for your understanding.

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