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Syncing with other cloud services

Nebo provides seamless synchronization with iCloud on iOS devices, and additionally with Google Drive and Dropbox on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. While direct syncing with other cloud services is not incorporated into Nebo's functionality, you can leverage your preferred cloud service to facilitate the sharing of your Nebo notes across all your Nebo-compatible devices, albeit with a manual approach.

How to Utilize Alternative Cloud Services

  1. Install Your Cloud Service App: 
    • Download and install your chosen cloud service provider's app on every device where Nebo is installed. 
  2. Sign In to Your Cloud Account: 
    • Ensure you’re signed in to your cloud account on all devices. 
  3. Export from Nebo: 
    • Utilize the “Export” feature to share the desired page or notebook with your cloud service app. 
  4. Access and Export on a Secondary Device: 
    • Navigate to your cloud service app on your second device.
    • Locate and select the Nebo note you wish to utilize. 
    • Choose “Export” and select Nebo as the destination app to open the file.

A Note on Auto-Sync

  • Manual Operation: 
    • It's paramount to note that the process outlined above is manual. 
    • Users must personally export and import .nebo files between devices via the cloud service.
  • Limitation of Auto-Sync: 
    • Unfortunately, due to this manual export-import methodology, auto-sync is not available when utilizing cloud services beyond iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. 
    • Auto-sync is only feasible for these three platforms bacause they’re integrated into Nebo’s functionality, providing a straightforward, automatic synchronization solution.
  • Ensuring Consistency: 
    • When using other cloud services, maintaining note consistency across devices necessitates a structured, manual sync procedure. 
    • Regular exports and careful file management are crucial to prevent version discrepancies and ensure the most recent note iterations are available on all devices.

Always ensure to back up your notes and manage your exports judiciously to safeguard your data and ensure it is up-to-date across all devices, especially when utilizing manual syncing processes. And remember, preserving the integrity and continuity of your notes is in your hands when employing alternative cloud services.

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