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Getting started with Nebo AI beta

What is Nebo AI?

Nebo AI presents a comprehensive suite of text generation features that seamlessly integrate OpenAI technology with our cutting-edge AI recognition engine. This fusion is designed to assist you in leveraging your notes effectively, saving time, accessing quick support when necessary, and improving your study methods. Compatible with both handwritten and typed content, Nebo AI offers a user-friendly experience whether you choose to use a pen or a keyboard.

Nebo AI beta comes with a set of three (3) innovative features:

Which operating systems(Platforms) support the Nebo AI beta?

Presently, the beta testing phase is exclusive to iOS users. We are actively gathering feedback from iOS users and intend to broaden our reach to encompass other platforms, such as Android, in a future release (Please note: The precise date for the Android beta release remains undecided at this time).

How can I start using Nebo AI beta?

The Nebo AI beta features are accessible to all users, whether you're utilizing Nebo's free version or the full version. Simply ensure that you meet all the essential requirements to get started. See Nebo AI beta requirements and limitations.

To start testing Nebo AI:

  1. Open the side panel in Nebo
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Insider program
  4. Toggle the Nebo AI switch on

Once enabled, a Nebo AI button with the ✨ icon will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of your Notes, Documents and imported PDFs.

Please note: Nebo AI relies on an internet connection to interact with the OpenAI server. Please note that VPNs or Firewalls could potentially limit Nebo AI's connectivity.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions.

Nebo AI beta - FAQ

Nebo AI beta feedback

The Nebo AI beta marks a significant milestone in our innovation journey. As we work towards enhancing and fine-tuning this initial feature set, your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. We welcome your insights and experiences to assist us in shaping the ultimate version of Nebo AI that caters to your requirements optimally.

You can Submitting a support ticket, please ensure to include "Nebo AI Beta Feedback" in the title/subject field.

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