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Nebo 4.1 and above for iOS

Great news! We've updated Nebo's free plan for iPad users to provide an even better experience and grow our amazing community.

How Nebo Worked Before

Nebo was free to try but with limited features.

Extra features were unlocked via in-app purchases, divided into 3 Productivity Packs: Essentials, Connect, and PDF.

Why We Changed Nebo's Free Plan

  • We noticed most paying users opted for the Full Pack.
  • Our paid features were popular and often mentioned as reasons to love Nebo.
  • We wanted to simplify the offer for new users and let them experience Nebo's full power before purchasing.

Nebo's Exciting New Free Plan

  • All Nebo features are now free for everyone.
  • Free users can create 5 expandable pages to explore all that Nebo has to offer.
  • A single in-app purchase unlocks unlimited pages for those who want more.
  • Importing Files and Managing Page Limits
  • Importing a file as a PDF counts as a single page, no matter its length.
  • Free users can delete a page to make room for a new one and export the page as a .nebo file before deleting to keep their content safe.

Cloud Sync Update

  • For now, cloud sync is only available in the full version, but we hope to offer it for free in the future.
  • What These Changes Mean for You
  • New users can create up to 5 pages with all features for free.
  • Existing free users keep their current pages and can create 5 new ones.
  • Users who bought one or more Productivity Packs will be automatically upgraded to the full version at no extra cost.
  • Users who purchased the Full Pack or all 3 Productivity Packs keep access to all features with unlimited pages.

Reinstalling Nebo? No Worries!

  • If you need to reinstall Nebo, you can restore purchases via the App Store to get back the correct level of access.

We Value Your Feedback

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Nebo's new free plan. Share your feedback with us through social media channels or the Nebo support website. We appreciate your input and can't wait to hear from you!

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