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Nebo 4.0

Nebo 4.0 introduces the following new features:

Keyboard in Notes: You can now use the keyboard to type, dictate and edit text in Notes. Read more here: Creating typed text on a Note page
Handwriting conversion in Notes: Our write-to-text engine now works in Notes - simply select handwriting with the lasso and tap “Convert” to convert it to typed text. Read more here: Handwriting on a note page
Pen gestures in Notes: Notes now support our intuitive pen gestures - so you can erase, edit and format both handwriting and typed text without breaking your flow.
Perfect shapes: New for Notes and diagram objects within Documents: hold your pen to the screen after drawing a line or shape to convert it to a perfect, regularized form. Read more here: Creating shapes on a Note page
Copy-paste to Notes from other apps: You can now copy-paste text or images (may depend on the platform) from other apps into Notes.
Background patterns in Notes: We’ve added new background patterns for Notes - you can now choose from the classic grid, lines, dotted lines, or a blank background. Read more here: Changing backgrounds on a Note page

Read more about Notes in Nebo 4.0 here: Nebo Notes Pages

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