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Nebo 2.6 

With the release of Nebo 2.6, users will see the introduction of several new features:

Apple ID verification means you can now sign in to your MyScript account using your Apple ID. Read more about Apple ID verification 

Text display allowing your to customize your font size and line height to enhance your reading and writing comfort. Read more about text display. 

Dynamic layout so that you can move content around the page by creating space between text blocks so further text or objects can be inserted or with a simple drag and drop option which allows you to reorder your text blocks. Read more about adjusting space and drag and drop

Lists, bullets and indents allowing you to add numbered or bulleted indents to your page. These are ideal for creating lists or improving the clarity and visibility of your note’s content. There are several ways to add bullets, numbering or tabs, so finding the editing option that best suits your way of working will be easy. Read more about lists, bullets and indents. 

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