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Webinar Feb 11, 2021 - Discover Nebo 3.0 - PDF & Notes in one place

Questions and Answers during the webinar

1I would love a highlighter feature, not sure if it is hidden.Hi, thank you for the question. I'm happy to let you know that this is on the way and will be available in an upcoming update. [This feature is now available]

Why is the text not aligned to the left?

Hi, the text will begin on the line where you begin writing. If you want to change where the text is on the line or the page, you have the option to tap the text you have written and move it anywhere on the page that you like.

Can you use a stylus if you're using a tablet?

If your device has a touch screen it is possible to use either an active or passive stylus with Nebo.

I have many handwritten notes on paper, basically, all notes taken at university. Is it possible to convert those notes with Nebo into computer written text, e.g. scan all texts and convert them?

Hi! Actually, Nebo requires that the notes you enter are created directly on the screen of your device. This is not the same as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), whereby software takes an existing text and converts it into an editable format. Nebo uses ICR, not OCR.

Is the freeform area configurable?  Mine has grid lines.

The gridlines on the freeform page are there as a guide for your work. You will not be able to change this and gridlines will not appear when you export your work to another format.

can I use Nebo on multiple platforms (eg iOS/windows)?

Hi! Nebo is indeed available on iPadOS, Windows, and Android.

Does it support Japanese and other Asian languages?

Hi! Nebo supports 66 languages and Japanese, Korean and Chinese are among them.

Would you make it possible for us to select specific notebooks to not sync? I use Nebo for my medical work and am unable to sync my non-medical notebooks (which I prefer to keep offline for the sake of maximum confidentiality). Thanks for a great app!

I can certainly see the benefit of having this as a feature. I will pass this over to the development team to have a look at as a feature request for consideration in future developments.

Did you just say that you can always use English in a file in any language? (So Japanese and English in a same file?)

You heard that correctly :) You can use English with any other language available in Nebo, but you will need to set the language of the notebook to the non-English language.

I am working at an international company and always take the notes in the language spoken at the meeting. Are you planning to enable multiple languages within one single notebook? English plus another language usually works well, but switching to a different language seems to confuse the text recognition?

Hi! In order to guarantee the high-level recognition that Nebo offers, it has to be told in which language you write. Increasing the number of languages you can write in a single page would only lower Nebo's ability to properly recognize your handwriting. For now, you can use English + another language (if you select this other language as your notebook language).

Does it have a corrector depending on the language being used?

There is currently no spell check available in Nebo but this is something that is being looked into by the development team. You do have the option to correct your work even after you have converted it to typed font by using either the pen or the keyboard. As long as your work is in Nebo, it remains fully editable.

Hi, did you plan to add groups in a collection?

Could you be more specific? What feature are you expecting exactly?
13Can I convert a text notebook/page back to a handwritten one, after converting it?As long as you remain on the page you will be able to undo the conversion. Once you leave the page and return to it you will not be able to return the text to your original handwriting. If you want to keep copies of the handwritten text you can always use the duplicate feature to keep an original copy of the note in your handwriting and you can convert the copy into typed font.
14I missed the part about how you paste a copy piece of text into another workbook.

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Can the freeform area be made wider than the screen?  So if I am running out of space, I can extend it?

The freeform page has the option to zoom in and out, so you can make the page wider if you need to.


I would like to have Nebo as a default text input. Do you have this feature in mind for the future?

Hi, Nebo's vision is to provide the best note-taking experience. Replacing the keyboard in any app is a different use case, and we don't plan to address it with Nebo.


Can i add an audio recording?

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Is it possible to move/zoom regular form (like freeform)?

Hi, it's possible to move content on a regular page by using the lasso but zooming in/out is only possible in freeform pages and PDFs.


Hi - would it be possible in a future update to export from Nebo to Apple Notes?

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Hello. I'm interested to know whether there is a feature that allows me to search for a keyword in all collections rather than just the notebooks in one collection at a time.

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Will Nebo support digital journals?

I am not sure what you mean by digital journals? If you want to give a little more of a description about what this means I will be happy to try to answer this for you.


My company is heavily invested in Microsoft product like Teams and OneNote. I really need to have Nebo's handwriting conversion combined with the functionalities of OneNote and O365. This is the biggest (and only) real problem I have with Nebo not being the whole nine yards. Are there any plans to improve integration with Microsoft Enterprise applications?

Hi! Multi-device support is in our roadmap, but it is staged to roll out gradually.


Is it planned to have an automatic update of the personal dictionary?

This is not currently planned but I will pass this on to the development team as a feature request.


Is it possible to convert handwritten text to typed text in a pdf? If yes, how?

This is not possible at the moment, but it is on the cards for the future.


Does Nebo have unlimited scrolling like Notability? What exactly is the sequence of adding one blank page?

Nebo does have unlimited scrolling. If you want to add another page you can simply close the page you are working on and you will arrive at the notebook screen that shows you all of the individual pages in your notebook. Here you can tap the + symbol and choose to add a regular page, a freeform page, or a PDF.


Do you have the feature to export from Nebo to OneNote in one step?

The option to export to One Note is not a one-step process. As it currently stands, you need to select export, then select the export format and then select the destination, which in this case would be One Note.


When I put in a lot of math in one page the Nebo app gets slower and crashes at a point. Is there a possibility to mark a few math boxes and copy it to another page?

Hi Alexander, yes you can select several math objects with the lasso and cut or copy/paste them to another page.


Does it have unlimited scrolling?

Yes, it does have unlimited scrolling


It would be nice to have a scan document feature with OCR.

Hi, Nebo requires that the notes you enter are created directly on the screen of your device. We do not plan to add an OCR feature in the future.


Did you plan to add groups in collections? I want to have a better organization. For example: In the collection named Meetings I want to group meetings by products.

Hi! So far, Nebo has 3 levels for your organization: collections, notebooks and pages. We do not plan to add another level in the near future.


Does a license purchase allow use on an additional platform, or do you need to purchase an additional license?

You will need to purchase a license for each platform that you use Nebo on. This is because the app can only be downloaded via each platform's particular app store. This is not something over which we have any control.


Use in Evernote (store docs there)...

Hi there. As long as you have the Evernote app installed on your device, when you export a Nebo note you will be offered the option of exporting that note to Evernote.


Regarding PDF import, I have problems with some PDF files. Is there any feature the PDF files should have to be able to be imported by Nebo?

Hi, you should be able to import all sorts of PDFs. Should you need help, I suggest you submit a ticket and we'll look into it:


Does there is a plan for highlighter in regular page?

Hi there. Yes, this is on the way and will be available in an update in the near future. [This feature is now available].


Can you import a word document?

Hi, it will be possible in the next release :) [This feature is now available - a Word document can now be imported as a PDF].


Highlighter is dimming text. Can you allow it to go behind the text?

I will pass this on to the development team to consider in future developments.


Can you edit the underlying pdf

Nebo is not designed to edit PDFs and it is not planned to add this feature in the near future. But you can edit annotations you made in the PDFs, and search in the text and annotations.


Can you use the eraser for just a small part of a line (not erasing the whole object)

The eraser will erase the full object, not just a small part if it. I will submit this as a feature request for the development team to consider in future developments. [This feature is now available].


Are you considering enabling "total" editing of a pdf? Like the Lasso feature to select an area and move it wherever wanted, adding text by either handwriting or typing etc? This is really an Acrobat "clone", but it would be amazing!

Nebo has not been designed to edit PDFs and it is not planned to add this feature in the near future.


There are many interesting questions and answers posted here.   Would it be possible for you to post them together with the recording later on?

Hi, yes don't worry the whole webinar will be available for replay along with the list of questions and answers. 


My iPad is on its last legs, hoping it doesn't go altogether as unable to purchase a new one, however is there a plan to export to MS word at all?

Hi Stephen, Exporting to MS Word is already an option.


Can we also import PowerPoint or word documents?

Hi, it will indeed be possible in the next release: stay tuned!

43Is Nebo available on Desktop as well?

Hi Amélie, We are considering bringing Nebo to the desktop in the future, but we want to ensure that this is not at the expense of the user experience. As Nebo is currently primarily intended to be used with a pen, several planned evolutions are needed before desktop support can be made possible.


Love learning about the PDF option!  I am not sure how to use the freeform note...  Are you able to explain briefly?

Hi George, you can find plenty of information about freeform pages here: You will find a very good YouTube video that explores the freeform page and its many features.


Is there a possibility to zoom in/out?

Hi, you can zoom in/out in freeform pages and PDFs, not in regular pages.


Thanks for the free license. Unfortunately I already have one. So if you want to make happy someone else feel free. :-) :-)

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Are you able to share your Nebo with another person to access notes?

Hi George, you can use the Publish feature and share the link with your contacts: it will be displayed in their browser. And if they have Nebo, they can even edit your note and send it back to you.

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